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Oct 7, 2012 11:00am EDT
. before you ask directly if i told you that mitt romney hasn't paid taxes for x number of years, would it make you more or less likely to vote for him? some% of people either move when they hear that a mesh or they tell you they wouldn't. people telling you that they would move is a pretty sort of conjectural thing. i wouldn't cognitive growth anyone who told you what they would do under hypothetical senate and given some information. they may or may not already know. that's part of the problem with those polls is that asked people if new piece of -- you may or may not already know. and so, or in focus groups you bring somebody in an jafa doesn't people and show them and add and ask them again, did anyone change their mind. and you're pumping somebody to change their mind. and they're being forced to watch an ad that they might otherwise tonight. so using these experiments programs of the obama campaign has, introduce them into the real world. they randomly assigned mail randomly to pay part of the electorate or the assigned tv ads to the mark. been because they're pulling acros
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1